Our Philosophy

At S Intelligent Intellectual Property (SIIP) we believe that an effective Intellectual Property strategy will protect your business interests and enable you to grow and compete in the global market. Thailand 4.0 and the EEC expansion will lead to greater business opportunities within Thailand and neighbouring countries, along with complex IP situations.

We are a full service IP firm and pride ourselves on providing succinct, accurate, and responsive service.

.Our innovative software platform allows you to access your intellectual property with SIIP in real time. As part of this you can issue instructions, receive updates and digital copies of files.

We are specialists in IP valuation and invite you to contact us to see how we can unlock your business’s intellectual property value

We have tailored a specific package for startups and understand the unique challenges they face in the Thai market. New technology and digital innovation require a special skill set and we work with technology specialists to ensure we can provide a high level of service.

Our partners have over 10 years of IP experience in Thailand and internationally, combined with strong global business projects in Thailand and China. With education obtained from both within Thailand and internationally we are able to effectively operate as a global agent for your business.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we can fulfil your IP needs.


Why Choose Us?

  • We provide professional service with extensive and international experience in all aspect of IPs.
  • We not only provide you the best IP services, but also care about your business. As IP is one of the important parts of your business, we talk and learn deeply with you to be sure that our advice or suggestions are the best for your business.
  • We guarantee to provide quick and responsive services with upfront pricing.
  • We have developed our own innovative IP management software that you can use to access your portfolio.
  • We are very keen to provide advice on IP for Startups, especially technology related.
  • We are the first IP Valuation firm in Thailand.

Business Ecosystem