Domain Registration:

For registration domain name under for business organization in Thailand, the applicant must be a company registered under the Thai law or a foreign company that has representative in Thailand, the representative must be registered under the Thai law and entitled by the foreign company for domain name registration.

Required Documents:
For Domain name registration of the company name, the domain name must be in accord with; be part of; be an abbreviation of the company name. Each company can register only one domain name. In this case, required documents are as follows:

  • Company registered under Thai law requires:
    • - Company Certificate or
      - Tor Kor.0401, Por kor.0401 (Commercial registration) or
      - Por Por. 20 (Tax registration)
  • Foreign company requires:
    • - Company affidavit
      - Thai representative company affidavit
      - A notarized Power of attorney issued by the foreign company which empowered Thai representative; certified the domain name registration under the company’s name.

For Domain name registration from the trademark or service mark:

  • Mark registered in Thailand
    • - Certificate of trademark/service mark registration issued by Department of Intellectual Property.
  • Mark registered outside of Thailand:
    • - Certificate of trademark registration
      - Thai representative company affidavit

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