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Patent Drafting and Patent/PCT Application
A patent owner has an exclusive right over the patented product for its productions, uses, sells, and any other trading aspects including importing the product to the country of a patent registration. This right gives a business completely controlled over its product and prevents competitors to benefit from the same or similar product. It is important to consider patenting the product to enjoy a full protection.

We provide a full-service support for drafting and preparing a patent/PCT application. The service includes outlining the idea behind the product and extracting possible aspects for the patent’s claims, drafting and preparing all related documents, and processing the patent application to the Thai Department of Intellectual Property.

Design Drawing/Application
The design protection should be applied if the value of the product is its appearance. The design is to protect a shape, configuration, surface pattern, color, or line (or a combination of these), not the function of the product. Our services for design include the design drawing, filing and prosecution.

Prior Art Search
This service is important for the development phase before getting the patent protection; as “novelty” should be considered during the development cycle. Prior Art search is designed to help preventing a waste of money and time in redesign and redevelop a product because of lacking a novelty.

Our prior art search service provides a report containing patented and patent pending products that are closely related to your product of interest based on current patent database worldwide including WIPO, USPTO, EPO, and DIP-TH. Prior Art search will provide you the ideas on how similar products are developed and protected, in which case, increasing insights to your decision on product development.

Freedom-To-Operate Analysis
To prevent any infringement that might occurred when the product is sold or manufactured, a freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis should be in the consideration. The FTO analysis provides information regarding a patent protection on a product of interest whether it is protected in a marketing country or it has a chance for the protection.

According to Patent Convention Treaty (PCT), a patent protection on a product, once applied in the first country, can be further applied in other countries within a maximum of 30 months. During the time, a patent owner may decide where to sell and protect the product and whether it is worth for applying a patent in those countries. Any country that the patent owner does not apply for a patent application within a limited time frame, it is free for anyone to sell or manufacture such product without the infringement. It is thus necessary to check the freedom-to-operate to ensure that the product or design is not protected in the marketing countries.

Patent Engineering Consultancy
“Novelty” and “Inventive step” are two main necessary criteria for patentability according to international patent law. It is thus important to think in advance whether patent protection is “a must” in your development and business. If so, it is necessary to be assured that such product shall meet the necessary criteria and be patentable.

We provide a consultancy service by engineering experts having relevant experiences in both R&D and IP protection. This service aims to help the inventor during developing stage to be sure that the invention shall meet the novelty and inventive step which are the requirements of patentability.

Patent Landscape Report
Patent landscape is a business intelligence tool in the patent regime as it represents the trend of technology patents for anyone who interested in the certain area of technology. Most of big technological development companies would patent their products before launching them to the market.

The average time frame that patent application would be launched in the market is about 2 years. Patent landscape report provides an insight on current technological trend and its developing direction by showing the number of patents in each topic. The report will show the list of major patent owners of the technology field of interests and the number of their patents per year.

The service is also benefit for anyone who seeks for the information to collaborate, license a technology, or to find a “white spot” or “opportunity” in that market.

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