IP Valuation

Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation could utterly change how business is done. IP consists of the assets of a company that do not have any physical existence, in other words intangible assets which maybe a greater proportion of the total value of most businesses.

What is the importance of IP Valuation? To begin, business owners need to know how IP contributes value to the business. Like other kinds of property, IP needs to be managed in order to achieve its potential. IP Valuation expresses this contribution in terms of financial value. Concerning the fact that the right holders receive benefits from IP in limited time depending on conditions specified in Intellectual Property Law; therefore, the value of each type of IP is different according to many factors, including the life of the IP. With the combination of IP lawyer, business specialist and certified public accountant, SIIP has unrivalled expertise in valuing IP.

SIIP provides an expert opinion on IP valuation and IP rich businesses in report for our clients. With our deep and wide network of professional contacts including patent attorney, IP lawyer, accountant, IP analyzer, financier and specialist consultant link with our IP valuation process, SIIP is confident to provide the best valuation outcome. SIIP offers a variety of valuation services for your IP; valuation of individual patents, patent families or group of patents, trademark/know-how, IP valuation training/seminar.

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